Gel to prevent and treat cervical lesions* caused by HPV.

*Low-grade cervical lesions (ASCUS/LSIL)

What is it?

Papilocare® vaginal gel is the first treatment that has been scientifically proven to have a very high success rate in eliminating not only the human papiloma virus (HPV), but also precancerous lesions of the cervix.

It was specifically designed with this goal in mind and has a patented formula based on seven hormone-free ingredients, making it a safe treatment, highly tolerable and highly recommended by gynaecologist and specialists in women’s healthcare.

How does it work?

HPV is the world’s most common sexually transmitted infection. In most cases, it is spontaneously cleared by the body in an average of two years. However, sometimes the virus can evade the immune system and remain in the body. This persistent HPV infection, is the main risk factor for developing lesions that could develop into a bigger threat over time if they are not detected and treated properly.

¿Cuándo debo utilizarlo?

When should I use it?

Its use will prove beneficial for adults 18 years or older, who are, or have been, sexually active, and who have received a diagnosis of HPV infection from a gynaecologist or medical specialist.

If this describes you Papilocare® vaginal gel will help you prevent the risk of lesions caused by the virus by re-epithelializing the transformation zone of the cervix, normalizing the intraepithelial lesions caused by it, eliminating vaginal dryness, re-epithelializing the cervical-vaginal mucosa, rebalancing the vaginal microbiota and improving vaginal health in general.

Speak to your doctor or medical specialist before use.

Papilocare® vaginal gel is specifically designed to activate the two modifiable factors that can influence HPV’s persistence or clearance. In addition, some of its ingredients are encapsulated in niosomes and phytosomes, a cutting-edge technology that concentrates the active ingredients in the basal layers of the epithelium, as well as improving the ingredients.

A unique formula on the market

Papilocare® vaginal gel works by forming a film on the cervical mucosa which, creates a defensive barrier to prevent the risk of HPV integration, and quickly reduces the discomfort caused by the infection, by accelerating the natural healing process for scars.

These effects are possible thanks to its innovative technology and its unique formula composed of seven ingredients, including Coriolus versicolor extract, a fungus widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, and Bioecolia®, a prebiotic which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus crispatus

Its formula also includes hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, Centella asiatica, Azadirachta indica (neem) and Aloe vera extracts. Through this powerful combination, the vaginal gel fulfils many roles including:


Prebiotic: promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, rebalancing the microbiota in the cervix-vaginal area

Moisturizes internal tissues and maintains their elasticity

Acts as an antioxidant, maintaining the natural structure and function of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as improving the barrier function of the epithelium.

Repairs the injured mucosa.

Emollient to promote the natural healing process of scars

Scientific evidence

The efficacy of Papilocare® vaginal gel has been studied and demonstrated in several international clinical trials, with more than 600 patients participating. Among all of them, the PALOMA clinical trial stands out: its results were recently published in the American scientific journal “Journal of Lower Genital Tract Diseases”.

Furthermore, the PAPILOBS observational study has just finished, as well as five other independent studies carried out by public hospitals in Spain and Italy

The results obtained were similar in all of them. Among the achievements of the treatment, the following stand out:

 Normalization of low-grade lesions of the cervix in 88% of patients   infected with high-risk HPV after six months of treatment,   compared to 56% of patients in the “control” group, who were not     treated.

 Negative results on high-risk HPV test after treatment in 63% of   patients who followed the treatment with Papilocare® vaginal gel,   compared to 40% of the control group

Doctor Javier Cortés:

“The results of PALOMA clinical trial allow to say firmly  that we have now something that we didn’t have before  a safe and reliable treatment against HPV with optimal results “.

Doctor Luis Serrano:

“Papilocare® is an important advance for women who are HPV positive, a field  which doesn´t have many therapeutic solutions “.

How to use it?

A complete treatment, which guarantees the results obtained in the clinical studies carried out, is to use the gel for six months. 

It is recommended to start using the vaginal gel just after menstruation, following the guidelines.

 First month: Apply once daily for 21 consecutive days or   until the first day of menstruation. Skip the treatment   during menstruation.

 Following months: Apply once every other day for 21   days with a break during menstruation.

    Things to keep in mind:

  • The recommended dose for each application is a single-dose cannula (tube) or 3ml with the reusable applicator
  • Skip the treatment while menstruating.
  • Papilocare® vaginal gel should preferably be used before bedtime.
  • The gel can be used with condoms.

How to apply the gel

  • Lie on your back and insert the reusable cannula or applicator into your vagina, squeezing the container to release the content inside.
  • If you’re using individual cannulas, it is important to remove them from the vagina while still squeezing to avoid the gel being sucked back into the tube. Discard the single-dose cannula after use.

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